Teeth Whitening

Improve the appearance of your teeth with professional tooth whitening

Boost your confidence with a whiter smile that you’re proud to show off.

A beautiful, dazzling smile is key to a good appearance because when people meet us for the first time they notice our eyes and smile.

A whiter smile can help boost your confidence and brighten up special occasions. Yellowing or discolored teeth have an instant ageing effect and teeth whitening is one of the easiest, cheapest and safest ways of changing that. A fifth of people are so embarrassed by less than perfect pearly whites that they usually conceal them in photos.

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Make a lasting impression with your smile. Brighten your teeth by several shades with our predictable and cost effective professional whitening. Teeth tend to get darker as we age, in addition they can become stained by the foods and drinks we consume. Smoking further stains teeth and the natural bright, white shade becomes darkened. Tooth whitening is a successful and simple method of lightening the colour of your teeth. The degree of whiteness achieved will vary from patient to patient.

Tooth whitening is the removal of stains and discolouration from your teeth. Enamel is the thin outer layer of your teeth which is typically a much lighter colour, dentin makes up the bulk of the tooth and is a darker colour. Enamel can discolour over time from coffee, tea, tobacco, turmeric and other foods. Enamel gets thinner as we get older causing the dentin to show through and this can make the tooth look darker. Whitening your teeth removes these stains and discolouration, giving you a whiter, brighter smile.

Your dentist can tailor your treatment to your personal oral health, making recommendations based on what is best for you personally. We can help you understand how the whitening process works, check your progress, and treat any sensitivity issues that may arise. We use take home whitening trays that are customised specifically for your teeth, for you to use at your convenience in a safe effective way. We use products that are dispensed only by a licensed dental professional.

Generally, just about anyone can whiten their teeth, however:

  • People with significant periodontal disease are not candidates.
  • People with fillings that may be breaking down, with cavities in their teeth, or with chipped or worn teeth may be better treated by restorative procedures first.
  • Do not use whitening treatment if you are pregnant. There have been no adverse reactions but long-term clinical effects are unknown.
  • Ideally, heavy smokers should discontinue the use of tobacco before whitening.

Tooth whitening is done over two visits to your dentist.
A mould is custom made for your teeth with your dentist on the first visit. From the mould a whitening tray is made to fit your teeth.
On the second appointment you will be shown how to use your whitening system according to your needs.

We recommend a hygiene visit before whitening to ensure the best results and optimum oral hygiene. If there is any scale on your teeth, the scale will stop the whitening agent reaching your teeth. If you are considering having a crown fitted or white fillings done, we recommend this is done after the whitening process because the whitening will not work on the crown or fillings and they will be a different shade than your teeth.

  • Avoid the use of tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and teeth staining foods such as turmeric, tomato paste and dark green vegetables during the whitening procedure.
  • Never place household or commercial bleaches in your mouth.
  • Keep your recall appointments with your dentist.
  • When the treatment is completed, please keep the trays so that they can be used for a booster/maintenance treatment. It may be necessary to do a top-up treatment in 18-36 months depending on how your teeth respond.

We recommend against it. There have been no adverse reactions but long-term clinical effects are unknown.

Yes, we recommend you see the hygienist because they will make sure there is no scale on your teeth and treat staining. If there is some scale or plaque on your teeth, the whitening gel will not reach the tooth underneath the scale.

The whitening agent will make your teeth more sensitive during the process, typically reaching a peak after 3 days, this affect can be counteracted by various types of desensitisers’ products and often desensitiser tooth paste can be enough.

You would often see some subtle changes after the first day and most people will have a pleasant result after a week. If you want your teeth to reach the peak if their potential you should continue the treatment for 3 weeks. Severe type of discoloration like tetracycline, may require even a few months of treatment.

It may be necessary to do a top-up treatment in 18-36 months depending on how your teeth respond. For this you would only need to buy the gel if you have kept the whitening trays. If you would like some more whitening gel, please call on 01420 544408 so we can prepare the prescription and have the gel ready when you come to collect it.

£ 350 split over the two appointments,  two payments of £ 175.00 (up to 15% discount available for patients on our membership plans)

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